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Is Your School Safe?

Teachers/Licensed Staff

Teachers know that the safety of their students is important. Unfortunately formal training has not been available through college curriculum for security and safety areas. After all, teachers want to teach, not stand guard duty or baby sit. Schools and teachers have parental authority and also obligation under the law creates the problem of additional responsibilities implied but not necessarily recognized. Even when a school has dedicated staff for security purposes the closeness of the danger the majority of incidents forces teachers to be involved in protecting their students. Teachers must be trained and ready to meet their obligation.

Support/Classified Staff

There are a wide variety of support staff jobs that have security and safety functions. The key is team work based on real individual skills. Our training has hands on skills your staff will make a positive tangiable difference for your school. This includes maintenance, bus drivers, administrative staff security officers and school resource officers.

School Board

School boards provide direction that must be based on facts.  We will provide valuable information and strategies to your board. We can support the superintendant or principal in security and emergency planning areas to free concentration in academics. Independent evaluations of school security and emergency planning can give boards necessary information to gain support for additional resources and grants.