Payment and Registration

School Academy Payment Policy

Payment for our programs is like any other educational institution. We require registration and payment in advance. The closing date of the program is three weeks prior to the start date of the program.

An invoice will be sent for onsite school programs with a payment due date. When your payment is received this is a binding contract.  If the payment is not made on the due date your training will be cancelled.


Type of Payment

We highly encourage the use of credit account payments through organizational credit cards.  This provides protection to you. However, no one in twenty five years has ever had to file for credit card reimbursement.

Mailing checks can be unreliable. If you elect to mail checks please mail them as registered to ensure they are not lost.


Certificates will be delivered two weeks after the course date. With special request we will make every effort to provide certificates onsite.

Best Practice for Twenty Five Years

This payment policy has helped us provide the professional services we are known for.  Due to the large amount of schools and other organizational clients we cannot use a billing method of payment it is  impractical. Worse, is that when an organization does not have financial commitment it predictably does not have management commitment and value for the service. We know that the client that pays prior is committed and will ensure readiness to complete the training. We also know that decision makers in the organization approve the training and support it. Purchase orders with timely payment terms can be negociated.

If you have been to college or attended adult education paying in advance is a standard practice to keep order in the process. This is for you and consideration others who attend.

Cancellation Policy

Based on the logic above, should enrollment or other circumstances prevent training seven day or earlier notice will be given. A full refund will be given or the training rescheduled to another time.  Your time will always be protected with us with your respectful commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safety training program for educational institutions that will have tangible results.


    Can You Answer The Following?

    1. Tell me three policies that relate to security at your school?
    2. Can the school staff work together effectively to respond to emergency situations?
    3. What are emergency drills practiced at your school?
    4. What kind of formal safety training is given to the students?
    5. What emergency situations are you concerned about?
    6. Can your family respond effectively to dangerous situations off campus?
    7. Have you been threatened by someone who is not a student about a school situation?
    8. What are the neighboring schools safety problems?
    9. What abnormal behavior do you see in your students that could be a safety issue?
    10. How many of your students have been identified as substance abusers?
    11. How many of your students’ parents have been identified as substance abusers?
    12. Describe the level of your student’s health.