School Security Supervisor Certification Course

Course Description

Supervisory and leadership skills are the most important in an educational institution. The best trained security officers and staff will fail without leadership.

This program is an introductory program in leadership for newly appointed security supervisors, school special staff and school boards.  Management who are involved in security are recommended to attend. The program consolidates priority concepts found in college level programs that would normally take months and years to complete. A unique aspect to our program is that many persons who attend are already security practitioners. By having experienced participants in the program a great deal  can be learned in a short period of time. A great cross learning and networking opportunity exists.

Participants will learn a balanced and prioritized set of leadership skills that will motive them to continue further education in the security profession.

Who should attend?

Security supervisors, security managers, School Resource Officers and supervisors and managers who wish to become cross trained in security duties they might have been assigned as a secondary job assignment

Three years of security officer or ground level experience in protective profession experience is recommended.

Course Goals

  1. Know Leadership Responsibilities
  2. Know What Leaders Must Know
  3. Be Accountable for Equipment
  4. Be able to Develop Policy
  5. Be able to Develop Emergency Plans
  6. Be able to Manage People
  7. Be able to conduct Internal and On the Job training

Time Needed

  • 24 hours or More, The program can be lengthed

Training Activities and Topics

  1. Leadership Attributes
  2. Legal Aspects
  3. Security Technology
  4. Special educational security concerns
  5. Equipment Accountability
  6. Developing Policy
  7. Management of Employees
  8. Communication with Executive Leadership
  9. Interacting effectively with school staff
  10. Getting support from outside organizations

Course Manual

  • Leadership Security Skills, By Fred Behnken

Certification Duration

  • No renewal requirements

Recommended Related Training for School Security Professionals

  • Advanced School  Security Skills Level II
  • School Communication and Behavior
  • Report Writing

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safety training program for educational institutions that will have tangible results.


    Can You Answer The Following?

    1. Tell me three policies that relate to security at your school?
    2. Can the school staff work together effectively to respond to emergency situations?
    3. What are emergency drills practiced at your school?
    4. What kind of formal safety training is given to the students?
    5. What emergency situations are you concerned about?
    6. Can your family respond effectively to dangerous situations off campus?
    7. Have you been threatened by someone who is not a student about a school situation?
    8. What are the neighboring schools safety problems?
    9. What abnormal behavior do you see in your students that could be a safety issue?
    10. How many of your students have been identified as substance abusers?
    11. How many of your students’ parents have been identified as substance abusers?
    12. Describe the level of your student’s health.