Unarmed Control for Teachers

Schools and teachers must be capiable of protecting their students. It is not amatter of choice. Under the law, schools assume the role of guardian or parent. It is criminal for a school or parent to fail to protect its children. The responsibility can not be defered to the police. School staff must be capiable to protect its students. The parent child relationship is the most important bond we have. As a culture if we fail to meet that obligation the consequences are far reaching.

School staff are in the middle of the action every day.  Deviant behavior can be found in many forms in the school placing school staff in situations that are unique. With the care giver status a high standard for control exists. How can this happen without proper training and management? The level of control can be from  presence of one or more staff, communication, physical control and even the use of weapons in the worst case. Avoiding is a primary strategy but not to the level of abandoning a child.

We offer a specialized program synthsized from several professional disiplines. For most teachers and staff a two day program is recommened at minimum  with a frequency of in house training appropriate to the environment and responsiblities of the staff. Spevial education situations have unique methods needed to meet students needs and the safety of the staff.

An outline of the program can be found here.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safety training program for educational institutions that will have tangible results.


    Can You Answer The Following?

    1. Tell me three policies that relate to security at your school?
    2. Can the school staff work together effectively to respond to emergency situations?
    3. What are emergency drills practiced at your school?
    4. What kind of formal safety training is given to the students?
    5. What emergency situations are you concerned about?
    6. Can your family respond effectively to dangerous situations off campus?
    7. Have you been threatened by someone who is not a student about a school situation?
    8. What are the neighboring schools safety problems?
    9. What abnormal behavior do you see in your students that could be a safety issue?
    10. How many of your students have been identified as substance abusers?
    11. How many of your students’ parents have been identified as substance abusers?
    12. Describe the level of your student’s health.