School Staff Security Course



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Anyone who is interested in security will benefit in participation. Anyone who works with school security will get valuable knowledge from the training. School executives, school board and safety committee members should take the program to know how their staff are trained and what to expect in performance. Bus drivers, special event staff, teachers, special education staff, security officers, administrative and facilities personnel can use this program to receive certification. Individuals interested in employment in schools are highly encouraged to use our program as an introduction to the professions security concerns.

The goal of the School Security Staff Course is:

To certify with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become a School Security Qualified Staff .

This program can be used in several ways for certification.  The program can be done as a correspondence course  individually or in a group. Group training is recommended. Up to ten participants is a manageable study group. Another option to getting certified is using this manual in conjunction with onsite or online training. The online training is with videos and automated quizzes and testing on our website. Another method is doing a course by teleconferencing either by phone or computer devices.

Ways to Get Security Certified

 Blended correspondence with online and onsite training.

  1. Group class by in house supervisor or facilitator onsite.
  2. Individual online using website
  3. Individual correspondence.
  4. Onsite online with teleconferencing group or individual.

Certification means that a person has evidence of basic proficiency. The testing, evaluation and exercises you do show that you have learned. It is a best practice to have annual certification because of the safety responsibilities of a school staff. There are changes in legal and best practices each year. Therefore, the school security staff certification is good for one year. One year from finishing this program you will retake this program to recertify.

 Program and Manual Chapters

  1. Chapter One sets the goals of The School Security Staff Course
  2. Chapter Two is an overview of school security big picture issues
  3. Chapter Three trains with staff responsibilities
  4. Chapter Four deals with the critical impact of the school environment.
  5. Chapter Five, is about taking action and being prepared
  6. Exercises to actively learn security skills.

Hot Topics

  • Active Shooter
  • Bomb Situation Response
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Facility Security
  • Transportation Security



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