SPED Youth and Special Needs Control Course


Certification to physically control youth, special needs and elderly.

Meets state and federal law requirement for special needs children



Course Goal : To provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes to respond to youth and special needs safety incidents meeting State and Federal law requirements.

In our communities there are the  young and special needs individuals.  Special needs individuals can include those with medical conditions or permanent disabilities.  These conditions can be obvious or more difficult to determine. Organizations charged with a service function must have consideration towards youth and special needs individuals. When incidents occur where physical control of these individuals is needed, special  knowledge, attitudes and skills are needed. All school security officers should have this certification. Any school staff involved in special needs student safety  must  have this certification.

Customization of the legal aspects material is provided in the course to your area. Overarching Federal law and State laws will be provided and part of discussion in the content of the program. This is not a substitute for attorney review of your policy, but it does bring your school closer to having a validated policy and matching response methods. This is critical component of having a special needs program meeting state and federal law.

Since most violent situations are caused by individuals in an altered mental state this program is invaluable.  Police, industry security, special education staff, hospital staff and any service professional will benefit in the safety level offered in this program.  This is a ground breaking program that will get results for you and your organization.

Federal Educational funding may be available to cover your course costs. Contact your administration about federal funding.

Schools, hospitals and care giver organizations ( homes for the elderly) are required by both state and federal to have trained staff to ensure physical safety.

This course is approved for New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department continuing  education credits.

References:  Federal, State and Local Laws

Detailed Youth and Special Needs Course Manual

Time: 24  hours, or longer

Onsite Class Size Maximum:  12 per instructor


  1. Introduction to Youth and Special Needs
  2. Policy, Ethics and Legal Aspects
  3. Environment Safety Awareness
  4. Emergencies
  5. Physical Safety Methods
  6. Situation Follow Up
  7. Written and Physical Testing.

Group rates and private institutional training are available.


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