Virtual Emergency Exercises

Your Emergency Planning and Exercises Program is the bottom line when it comes to safety. Your exercises have to be assessed and planned carefully. Individual training supporting the exercises must be conducted. This takes experience and a systematic process. We have the qualification and experience to make your emergency exercises work. We follow a systematic process in developing your emergency response capability. We will save you time, money and get the job done right the first time.

Program offers five types of activities

Dorm Table Top

Darm Table Top Emergency Scenario

  1. Orientation seminar:  An overview or introduction designed to familiarize participants with roles, plans, procedures, or equipment
  2. Drill:  A coordinated supervised exercise activity, normally used to test a single specific operation or function.
  3. Tabletop exercise:  A facilitated analysis of an emergency situation. The focus of this lesson.
  4. Functional exercise:  A fully simulated interactive exercise that tests the capability of an organization to respond to a simulated event.
  5. Full-scale exercise:  Designed to evaluate the operational capability of emergency management systems in a highly stressful environment that simulates actual response conditions

These activities build from simple to complex, from narrow to broad, from least expensive to most costly to implement, from theoretical to realistic. When carefully planned to achieve specified objectives and goals, this progression of exercise activities provides an important element of an integrated emergency preparedness system.

Provides a Customized Training Capability

For working situational variations in emergencies we use the Virtual Table Top – VTT™ training system. This system provides a customized training capability to your facility. Your exercises can be conducted visually in many variations to deepen fundamental response attributes of your staff. The speed of learning  and plan development faster and more coherent. The scenarios developed are then shared with police, fire and medical responders to facilitate a safe response. Critical communication and approach information is shared. After on the ground exercises are conducted polishing adjustments can be made. Continuous and relevant exercises can be conducted as your organization changes during the year and the next. We are confident that our program will make the difference for your school and community. Please contact about this important activity for your school.

Here is a map of the Virtual Table Top users nationally.


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