School Security Consulting Service

We provide security consulting for schools. Your school may not have the experienced and qualified staff to develop a security program. Even if you have a program a second opinion is an important liability protection.

Lives, public confidence and property are at stake.

Why should you hire us to help you with your security program?

  • We do this all the time in different states and with different industries. We are highly familiar with the legal requirements you must follow.
  • Our staff have advanced degrees that provide us with the skill set to do quality work.
  • Our company has a perfect record of safety since 1989.
  • We have an integrated School Security Management Course that includes executive training and consulting(link to the course on the site).
  • Distant customized consulting can be done through email, video, Skype and phone call service, in addition or conjunction with onsite in-person work.
  • Our assessment service will provide valuable information to you.
  • We can customize your table top emergency exercises with our VTT system( Virtual Table Top) and conduct onsite emergency exercises.

We will get the job done.


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